Thursday, July 12, 2007

Penland Pictures

Here is the meadow as seen from the porch of Craft House and a shot of the flame studio with some of my students from the 2 week class I taught here recently. See the next post for details

Back from Penland School of Crafts, NC

After two weeks in the NC mountains, I returned on Saturday, July 7 to the real world. Yes, being at Penland is like a visit to another planet. A beautiful world where you are surrounded by people who love to learn and to make stuff. All you have to do is get yourself up in the morning and toddle on down to the Pines for a yummy breakfast (Penland has got to have the best bacon in the known world....) and then up to the studio for as many hours as your mind and body can handle. Then back to the Pines 2 more times. Just think, you don't have to make your own meals,--it's like living with mom again!!

My class had a beginning beadmaking curriculum with a PMC kicker thrown in for good measure. So we covered the basics of lampworked beads and the ABC's of PMC! The class made PMC beads and clasps that hopefully will be combined in the future with their glass beads to make fabulous jewelry!

My fellow instructors were completely off the charts with talent and generosity. Wow, what beautiful work they created. Their students followed suit!

At the scholarship auction I bought the most amazing ceramic piece created by Sharif Bey's class. I will post a picture of it when I get it set in place in my house. It is unreal!!

I had a great time and hope to go back and teach again. Of course I will post it on my class page. Go to Penland to learn anything; the experience is memorable.

A Real Honor

Recently I was awarded second place in PMC for the Saul Bell Design Awards, a jewelry competition sponsored by Rio Grande. I submitted a necklace called "Big Links." It is lovely to be acknowleged for your efforts and to be among such talented people. You can see all the winners on