Tuesday, October 09, 2007

PMC Technic (and other Stuff)

Tim MCCreight has edited a new book called PMC Technic and it is a real winner. It is chock full of knowlege about some specific PMC techniques like syringe work, hinges and an article by yours truly. My chapter is about building lampworked glass around PMC "spools" to create a "hybird" bead. (I have a picture of a necklace done with this kind of bead.)
I have some copies of the book which I will put my John Hancock on my chapter page and send to you for $30.00 plus $4.00 shipping. Email me if you are interested.
I just returned from 4 days of PMC workshops in Columbus,Ohio. What a great group of wonderful Midwestern folks! We really had a fun time and I dispensed all kinds of info about clasps and textures and hollow forms. I saw their poor heads spinning! Thanks, Ohioans!